Fernando Alonso completes first Indy test

Fernando Alonso has completed the required ‘rookie orientation program’ for the Indy 500 and is now cleared to race in the event.

Alonso is missing this years Monaco grand prix for the Indy 500 in an attempt to achieve the triple crown of Motorsport, which includes 24hrs of Le Mans and the Monaco grand prix (which he has won twice).

As part of the session his Mclaren-Andretti-Honda car was revealed with it’s new livery. The livery in question consists of an almost full orange paint with small sliver & blue touches.


The test itself involved three stages of driving. The first stage is a 10 lap stint of the oval circuit driving between 205-10 mph. Stage two is similar to stage one but is 5 laps longer and has a speed range of 210-15 mph. Stage three is also 15 laps but is 215-20 mph.

Over the test he did a total of 51 laps over 4 stints and achieved a top speed of 219.654 mph.

Due to cold conditions, Marco Andretti’s shakedown run was delayed meaning Alonso didn’t get in the car until almost 11am track time.

The planned lunch break is now set to be cancelled so Alonso can get maximum running before the official practice starts on 15th May. This is due to rain forecast for later on.


One thought on “Fernando Alonso completes first Indy test

  1. This is looking good for Fernando , The pace he is setting is only a fraction off the top speeds , The track being an oval it’s much harder to get used to, Banked tracks speaking from experience is allways trying to pull you into the wall I tried this in Las Vegas in a full Race setup simulator costing nearly a million dollars and I spun coming out of the corner by only increasing my speed by a fraction of a kilometer an hour , I think Fernando has the talent to learn these Indy cars quickly and to communicate with his team easily .

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