Honda not confirming 2018 Sauber claims

Barcelona F1 test 07/03-10/03/17

Honda have declined to comment over claims that they will supply Sauber in 2018 once their Mclaren only deal ends.

Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn confirmed that the Swiss outfit are looking at their 2018 engine options, saying that both Honda and Mercedes were options to replace the teams current Ferrari deal (the team are currently using Ferrari’s 2016 spec engine).

A Honda spokesperson told Sky Sports “We have always maintained that Honda is open to supplying multiple teams and discussions have taken place.

“As a power unit supplier, we have a responsibility for the good of the sport and fans to provide power units to multiple teams.”

The news comes after Honda’s future in sport is seemingly hanging in the balance after yet another terrible start to the season for the manufacturers only current customer, Mclaren. Who themselves have since sighted Mercedes to potentially supply their engines for the first time since 2014, which incidentally is the last time Mclaren were on the podium.


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