F1 YouTuber hits 200,000 subscribers

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Ben Daly better known as ‘Tiametmarduk’ has hit a big milestone by becoming the first F1 game YouTuber to hit 200,000 subscribers. This puts the young Australian just over 75,000 ahead of next most subscribed ‘Aarava’. Ben like many F1 YouTubers started out in league racing before first uploading F1 game videos to his channel in 2012 (although his first uploaded video was back in 2011).

It wasn’t until 2013 when he started to take things more seriously launching his own F1 game series, namely the ‘Cucumber challenge’ which consisted of him driving as Narain Karthikeyan trying to score points in the 2012 HRT. In 2013 he also started a co-op career mode (Return to glory) with the aforementioned Aarava a series which boosted Ben’s channel and kick started Aarav’s. This was also the point that I started watching both.

Since then his videos have consisted mostly of career mode series as well as branching out into other games including Forza, Dirt and Project Cars.

Being now the biggest F1 YouTuber he has twice been invited to test the F1 games 2016 & 2017, along with Aarava and others.

Daly himself has said the he thought 100,000 was impossible for an F1 YouTuber

A big congratulations to Ben, here’s to 250,000 and beyond.

(apologies for any wrong info, if you notice any please tell me and I will rectify it)

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