Australian grand prix preview

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The new season is nearly here and there’s a lot to look forward to. Australia will be the first time we see the new cars go up against each other.

But first a little more on the race in question:

Times- GMT+11

24 March: Practice 1 (12:30) / Practice 2 (16:30)

25 March: Practice 3 (14:00) / Qualifying (17:00)

26 March: Race (16:00)

Track: Albert park circuit
Location: Melbourne, Australia
First race: 1996
Laps: 56
Length: 5.303 km/ 3.295 m
Fastest lap: 1:24.125 (Michael Schumacher, 2004)
2016 winner: Nico Rosberg
Corners: 16


This race should be interesting to say the least, Australia (being the first race) always throws something in the air and usually the grid order can change come the mid season. One of the big talking points is how overtaking will be affected by the bigger cars and wider tyres which are expected to make overtaking through corners way more difficult. The new reshaped aero may also play it’s part, the higher levels of down force it is believed will cause a worse dirty air effect, where the slip stream on the straights causes loss of down force in the corners.

Through out testing it seemed to be a battle of wits between Mercedes and Ferrari both claiming the other to be the favourite.

Personally I think they will both be equally matched but only time will tell.

As I said in my season preview the mid pack is anybody’s guess, and unless Honda find a quick fix Mclaren are gonna be lingering at the back with Sauber.


Top 3 prediction

  1. Hamilton
  2. Vettel
  3. Riakkonen

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