2017 season preview/predictions

The 2017 season is nearly upon and so it’s time to sit down and discuss the season ahead.

2017 is shaping up to be a pretty good season but one of the biggest questions going around is whether or not we will have a new world champion. After Rosberg’s shock retirement at the end of 2016 you would expect life to be easier for Hamilton but given Ferrari’s pace in testing Riakkonen and Vettel could both be in with a shout. And that’s not even counting what sort of challenge new Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas could pose to the three time world champion. The young Finn is something of a veteran of the sport driving for Williams since 2013 and showing fantastic form in 2014 getting multiple podiums over the course of the season.

Although one of things the silver arrows really need to get on top off is the starts, many races in 2016 where lost from poor starts such as Australia, Bahrain and Japan to name a few.


As for Red Bull they usually bring big updates early on so well have to see where they end up, but with their driver line up we could see a new champion in this new era.

The fourth placed car is a bit of a mystery it could be Williams who have sowed great pace with Massa at the wheel (the Brazilian seemingly at home in these new high down force cars). And rookie Lance Stroll has a lot to learn after his pre-season incidents.

As for the mid field it’s anyone’s game the Force India, Haas, Toro Rosso and Renault all had good and bad days in pre-season testing.

And unfortunately at the back of the grid will most likely be Mclaren, unless Honda seriously get their act together it’s gonna be a repeat of 2015. Mclaren themselves have already sighted Mercedes as a potential replacement to the Honda power unit despite the Japanese manufacturer having said they are 100% committed to their F1 project.

Do I need to say anything about Sauber?

Okay, They’ll be at the back on their own and that’s about it.


Now the rookies only two this year in the form of Vandoorne and Stroll. The former of which cloud be one to look out for, yes he’s driving a Mclaren but he stood in for Alonso last year and scored the teams only and first points of the season in the process.

As for Stroll , well it didn’t get off to the best of starts for the young Canadian.With his crash leading to the Williams team missing out on the last day of the first test. But in the second test he got his head down and did pretty well.

I can see both being consistent points scorers even if it is the tail end of the points.


So what are my final predictions?

Drivers championship

  1. Hamilton
  2. Vettel
  3. Riakkonen
  4. Verstappen
  5. Bottas
  6. Ricciardo
  7. Massa
  8. Stroll
  9. Magnussen
  10. Perez

Constructors championship

  1. Ferrari
  2. Mercedes
  3. Red Bull
  4. Williams
  5. Force India
  6. Toro Rosso
  7. Renault
  8. Haas
  9. Mclaren
  10. Sauber

I’ll come back this in November and see just how close (or far off) I was.

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